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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

It's funny how some conversations come and go. I am getting back into the Digital Identity conversation since the universe is obviously prodding me to do so.

I was talking with Phil Windley last month at his CTO round-table and he was preparing to go to Digital ID World. He invited me to go, however I just didn't find a way to fit it in. He mentioned that Craig Burton was going to be there ... man o' man ... what a hard choice to make ... what a conference to miss. I truly enjoy talking with both Phil and Craig about identity.

Well ... post conference, I have been hearing bits and pieces. I started to look at Craig's blog, and he indicated that Kim Cameron started to blog about identity. Reading his blog, I found Dick Hardt's blog, and his company Sxip. Sxip seems to be doing some very cool stuff ... and along the same lines as what we were exploring with digitalMe at Novell.

I downloaded the various whitepapers about Sxip ... and I'll be posting some of my thoughts on what they are doing ...

I enjoy getting back into the conversation ...

11:56:37 AM      

I am returning to one of my topics of interest ... Digital Identity.

Digital Identity is a subject of much discussion these days. It seems like every company on the Internet is interested in digital identity, your identity, collecting your identity, profiling your identity, or protecting your identity. What is "Digital Identity"?

FreeID.Org was created by Scott C. Lemon to fully explore a new model of "digital identity". Scott was the original researcher and architect of Novell's digitalMe initiative working for Mike Sheridan. During his research he found a tight coupling between identity and community, communications and collaboration. Soon after the announcement of digitalMe, Novell executives chose to alter the path of the project and Scott took his research outside. During the ensuing year he evolved his framework for digital identity into whole new dimensions, and FreeID was born.

FreeID ... identity can not be held by any one entity!
With a small group of developers, FreeID has been taking form. We actually slacked of for quite a while, but I have a new interest in Digital Identity as I have found numerous companies that are beginning to see the light. FreeID is a directory-based solution to gather your entire lifetime of identity information, and to distribute this information in an automated fashion ... including keeping this information up to date with the various organizations that a person is related to.

The coming FreeID application is one which works around a set of distinctions of digital identity that form a framework of individual interaction, and interactions with organizations and communities. This application will be released for free to anyone that would like to experiment with digital identity in a whole new model ... so stay tuned and check back!

9:30:11 AM      

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