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Monday, November 22, 2004

When I first read this summary, I was thinking along a completely diffferent path.  This article has some good points, however as usual it seems to focus on the people who are using identity information outside of the control or involvement of the end-user.

As a side note, this reminded me to document some of the current limitations in directory technologies that I believe are continuing to hinder directory-based identity solutions.  Two of these limitations are:
  • Directories lack temporal versioning of attribute information and values.  If you consider identity of a person over time, there are numerous attributes that will change and evolve with that person as they grow and proceed through life.  So height, weight, income, home address, employer ... all of these are attributes that change at various rates.  A directory must have the ability to record the changes allowing a persons identity to be viewed as of any date/time in history.  An example of where this becomes powerful is for when we are asked for our three previous jobs, or prior addresses.
  • Directories also lack attribute aliasing.  We all have identity attributes that are given different names in different communities ... but they all point to the same identity attribute.  This could be as simple as the attribute name in different languages, to completely different words or references that point to the same attribute:  Salary vs. Annual Income
Anyhow ... I still do like using directories ... they just have to evolve forward to contain some additional capabilities.
Identity: Find it before federating it. These Avanade consultants say identity federation has merit, but it's not a panacea for fixing problems with identity complexity. [Computerworld Software News]

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