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Monday, March 12, 2007

I think it was Ray Kurzweil that said during a presentation at Stanford that the US Patent System was in for some problems.  I believe that he had some charts that showed the near exponential growth of the number of patents being filed ... and talked about the fact that reviewing and looking for possible overlap and duplication was going to grow to be near impossible ... unless we end up employing the majority of the US citizens!  Well ... looks like things are heating up!

What is cool is that they are actually exploring some new and innovative ways to deal with the review of patents ...
The U.S. Patent Office Wants You. A plan to help overburdened patent examiners solicits online advice from outside sources (read: you), calling on Slashdot's founder for a system to rank user comments. Plus: China blocks LiveJournal. In 27B Stroke 6. [Wired News: Top Stories]

4:27:11 PM
I've been working on my videoWrapplet some more, and just added a few new features, and fixed some bugs.  I'm really restructuring the internals of the code to prepare for some of the bigger features ... more flexible playlists, and preferences.

With the new version the videos will automatically advance to the next video if they can (the Flex video player events are pretty hosed!), and I've also added a video info button next to each title to see, and copy, the URL of the video.  All of this to make it easier to put videos into your playlist.  And yes ... I'm working on a way to do a one-click add of a video into your playlist ... stay tuned!

Also ... Scott has been jamming on the home page of NuMe to show the users who are getting the top plays, and who have recently updated their playlist!

4:02:03 PM     

I saw this article, and imediately read through it ... it's #5 that I agree with the most.  The reason that I have a laptop *and* a Tablet PC is the screen.  The screen size and resolution that is included on most convertibles is still just too low for me.  I heard that the Gateway was a full 14", but then the resolution is still only 1280 x 768 pixels ... too small for what I am used to.  I'll look forward to seeing what Dell does in this space ... but I want pixels!

As for the value of a Tablet PC ... I love the Tablet PC for notetaking.  It is still the most amazing computer to take into presentations or conferences, or when walking around having to take notes and sketch diagrams of things.  For these purposes, the Tablet PC beats out the laptop any day.
Eight reasons tablet PCs have missed the mainstream. Tablet PCs haven't caught on with consumers and remain a niche market for certain users, such as medical personnel and insurance adjusters. Cost and technology problems are among the reasons, according to analysts.

[Computerworld Mobile/Wireless News]

3:49:27 PM     

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