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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

It seems that someone is thinking ahead . .. to the future where robots and machines might have to make choices about what to do with the "legacy biologicals" roaming the planet.  One robot to another "But remember ... they were nice to us in our infancy ... don't we want to stop the humans from becoming extinct?"
Robotic age poses ethical dilemma. The Robot Ethics Charter, an ethical code to prevent humans abusing robots, and vice versa, is being drawn up by South Korea.

"The government plans to set ethical guidelines concerning the roles and functions of robots as robots are expected to de... [ Accelerating Intelligence News]

3:47:57 PM     

You have to watch the video to really see how impressive this is.  I've added the video to my Inevitable videoWrapplet playlist ... it's the presentation that Jeff Han gave at the TED conference of his 'multi-touch interface'.  This is the stuff of Minority Report ... but being demonstrated as reality.  Read the article ... check out the video ... this is an impressive product.

I keep thinking that I want this on my laptop, or Tablet PC!
TED: Jeff Han, A Year Later. Catapulted to geek stardom literally overnight at this high tech confab in 2006, inventor of mind-blowing touchscreen technology gives Wired News a glimpse into life as an entrepreneur and his new company, Perceptive Pixel. Kim Zetter reports from Monterey. [Wired News: Top Stories]

2:56:37 PM     

My favorite project talked about this article is one where the blurred letters and numbers - called captcha images - are replaced by the image of a dog or cat ... with you having to properly identify which it is.  It turns out that this is a hard problem to solve ... today ... for machines.
Microsoft's research labs offer freebies. Many projects at TechFest are simply research concepts that will never come to market, but some are being made publicly available.
Images: From pets to panoramas at TechFest [CNET]

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1:55:10 PM     

As the work in the research labs continue, it was only a meeter of time before the technology begins to enter into commodity markets.  I do have to wonder if the quality and capabilities will meet peoples expectations, however it is only going to improve with time.

I keep thinking of other applications for this product ... who will do the first TV Remote Control based on this?  Just think about changing channels ...  :-)
Connecting Your Brain to the Game. Emotiv Systems has announced that video-game makers are able to buy Emotiv's electro-encephalograph (EEG) caps and software developer's tool kits so that they can build games that, they claim, can use the electrical signals from a player's brain to c... [ Accelerating Intelligence News]

1:44:12 PM     

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