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Thursday, April 05, 2007

I just found out today that tomorrow is the deadline for deposits for the First Annual Utah Geek Cruise!  Of course its open to anyone that wants to go ... and it's an amazing deal ... September 2nd ... 7 nights starting at $455.00!  There was a group of us that wanted to take a nice cruise, and my girlfriend found the amazing deal.

Its a Royal Caribbean Cruise ... Southern Caribbean route, going from Puerto Rico, to Aruba, Curacao, St. Maarten, St. Thomas, and then back to Puerto Rico.  There are lots of things to do, and everything is included except for airfare (right now the roundtrip from SLC to Puerto Rico is ~$465!!), alcohol, and shore excursions.  There are a bunch of us geeks going to be on the trip - and yes there is a wireless Internet available - and we'll have two days at sea to hang on the ship and have a lot of great conversations.  When on the islands, there are a lot of shore excursions available, including visiting some caves, scuba, snorkling, lots of pirate stuff, etc.  This shore excursion document outlines all of the various activities.

So from SLC, the whole deal is less than $1000 per person for a full 7 night cruise!  For anyone that has never done a cruise ... this is an incredible deal on a really nice cruise line.  Read the details ... if you want to join us, the contact information is on the brochure!

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