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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Tonight I read through the following filing that I found on the SCO web site.  It is "SCO�S MEMORANDUM in Support of its Motion for Partial Summary Judgment on its First, Second, and Fifth Causes of Action and for Summary Judgment on Novell�s First Counterclaim"


In this filing, there is testimony from a whole list of Novell executives - who actually negotiated the deal with SCO - who all testify that they *did* sell the Copyrights to SCO.  When I read through this, I can only sit here thinking about what the current Novell management team was thinking ... and what they will ever be able to pull out to refute this evidence.

In addition, this filing contains testimony by a reporter who states that Chris Stone told her he was going to announce that Novell never sold the Copyrights with full intention to damage the SCO stock price, and impact shareholders.  Amazing if this is true ... to think that an executive would do this and believe that he could get away with it.

Although all of the press wants people to believe this is all over ... it seems that there is still a lot of life left in the SCO lawsuits.

11:45:18 PM     

Amazing ... but I guess that anything goes in this day and age.  The Alibi Network ... a professional organization that will cover for you and create an alibi for anything!  You need a "virtual buddy" to answer calls for you, or make them?  You need a phone number of the "hotel" that you are staying at where they will answer and say anything that you want?  You need to fake where you are calling from?  Read their FAQ and they even give an example real-life alibi.

What truly is an indicator of the level of integrity in our society is that these guys are in business, and probably doing very well.  It floors me to see the direction that so many people would choose to take in their life.  Stunning.

11:33:15 PM     

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